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bowling for abortions

Hello! I need money, and am shamelessly tapping back into LJ to find it.

I'm taking part in the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund's pool-a-thon. Nationwide, abortion funds are holding bowl-a-thons to raise money for abortion access, especially now that health care reform has left women's uteruses (uteri?) behind.

So, the deal is that I raise $500 and I play pool in my Halloween costume. I raise a grand, and I get a tattoo. Here's why:

I am billiard-ing for abortion access because I believe every person should have the right to shape her own life.

And because I want to smash patriarchy and white supremacism and I want oppression to no longer be a societal norm. And because until the revolution comes, we have to take care of each other.

Help me raise $500 and I will play pool in my Halloween costume (yes, corset).

Help me raise $1,000, and I will get the EMA Fund logo tattooed. On some part of me. Yes.

If you are poor and you are seeking an abortion, it can feel as though you have no control over your own body. People heap their assumptions onto you, their judgments and their prejudices, while you are simply trying to shape your own future.

That's why I'm an activist with the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund. It's why I'm taking part in our first-ever billiards-a-thon. And it's why I'll get a tattoo with the EMA Fund logo if I raise $1,000.

Let's take away the stigma that is stamped onto low-income people seeking abortion. Let's put the decision back in the hands of women and girls.

I'm giving away a little bit of control over what happens to my body so that we can restore control to the people who need it most.

Make it happen.

$1, $5, $20. It all makes a difference. Give here.

Monday, 12 April 2010 at 12.40 pm
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